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The Blue Lotus symbolises victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. It is generally represented as a partially opened bud which is the embodiment of the “perfection of wisdom”.
Take that first step where you can change yourself for the better. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be. We at ICLC will help you get there with our self improvement solutions. Our focus is on improvement of self where we will motivate you to bring out the best in you.

International Centre for Language and Communication is a place to rediscover yourself. We specialise in various self improvement solutions including:

    Spoken English
    Soft skills training
    Grooming & Etiquette
    Personality Development
    Confidence building
    Psychological Counselling
    Career Counselling
    Yoga & Meditation

Spoken English

Learn to speak English quickly and effectively with our spoken English courses. Regardless of educational background, as long as you can read and write English we can help you master the art of


Grooming & Etiquette

We will familiarise students with the concept of business dressing. I.e. what to wear for an interview and how to carry yourself smartly so that you can confidently walk in for interviews


Soft Skills training

Soft Skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Soft skills include Communication, motivation, working in a team, problem solving skills,


Personality Development

In this course we will teach you grooming and etiquette, and in addition to that we will include confidence building sessions. We will have workshops on public speaking, group discussions and current

Interview ready package

Our Interview Ready package is our speciality. Within this course, we brush up your English, teach you how to participate in group discussions and appear for Interviews. We will give you all necessary soft skills


English For Professionals

Professional English is essentially a course in Business Communication. It is meant for people who are already in some job but are looking to upgrade their skills for their next job/promotion.

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Services Offered

Image Consulting

When you want to stand out in a crowd and bring out the best in how you appear to the world, we will offer our Image Consulting services. With thin the scope of image consulting, we will tell you how to carry yourself, how to dress, what colours to wear, to bring out your best features and also what to wear in different occasions so that you are never out of place.

Psychological Counselling

In today’s stressful world sometimes we need assistance with coping with all that life throws at us. If at any time you feel depressed, we have an in-house Counsellor who will be available to help you through your difficult times.

Career Counselling

We have tied up with one of the best Career guidance counsellors in the city of Kolkata to guide you with your career choices. We will run several aptitude tests for you and analyse the results to tell you what would be the best career for you based on your skills and aptitude.

Yoga & Meditation

In our day to day busy lives, we constantly need time outs to maintain the work life balance. We a t ICLC will give you tools to manage stress and relaxation techniques through yoga and Meditation classes. We can customise the classes depending on if you need yoga for fitness or yoga to relax and unwind after a tiring day.

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